Welcome to a subpage of spiker-music.net, presenting music for piano, strings and orchestra by Nils Dallmeyer. All recordings are subjected to the license CC-BY-NC-ND.

Opus 1

Sonata in C major for piano two-hands
Composed in 2011
4 movements
Length 20:55 minutes

Opus 2

Sonata in D major for piano two-hands
Composed in 2012
4 movements
Length 32:24 minutes

Opus 3

1.String quartet in F major
 Composed in 2012/2013
 4 movements
 Length 23:01 minutes
2.Sonata in D-flat major for piano two-hands
 Composed in 2013
 4 movements
 Length 22:25 minutes
3.Duet in A minor for flute and piano
 Composed in 2013
 Length 2:08 minutes

Opus 4

Symphony in D major
Composed from 2013-2017
4 movements
Length 1:00:27 hours